Refund Policy

  • A. Influence Corporation assures a Workmanship guarantee period of 30 days from the date of launch and handover
  • B. If any bugs should be found during the agreed guarantee period that the Workmanship contains imperfections, then customer shall report these in writing to Influence Corporation
  • C. Influence Corporation shall repair the above imperfections at his own expense and assist customer free of charge in the performance of activities which have to be carried out (again) as a result of such imperfections, and this within a reasonable period of time.
  • D. Imperfections are understood to be all defects occurring in the Workmanship, as well as all deviations detected during use of the Workmanship compared to the properties and functions attributed to this Workmanship by Influence Corporation documentation of scope.
  • E. If Influence Corporation demonstrates that the cause of the imperfections to be traceable to customer, then the cost of repair shall be refunded by customer.
  • F. Customer is entitled to fully or partly dissolve the agreement and any maintenance contract that may have been concluded if the imperfections in the Workmanship as described above are not remedied within a reasonable period of time after customer has urged Influence Corporation to do so.