Website Maintinance


Does your busy schedule prevent you from working on your web site to improve it? Are you unable to spare even a few hours? Or have you already decided to outsource your website for maintenance?

There are many reasons to outsource your web site maintenance to an expert. Saving time and money are two very good reasons – leaving you with time to run your business.

Influence Corporation Technologies provides web maintenance services that will help you enhance your online presence. In the present times of fierce competition, web maintenance is a key feature of web site development.

Are you too busy to work on your web site and don't have enough hours in the day to improve it? There are many good reasons to consider outsourcing your web site maintenance of which the most obvious is that it saves you a great deal of time. Even with all the time saving gadgets available today, the one thing we never have enough of is – time. So what are the main advantages to outsourcing? Here are 6:
  • Website Enhancement

    As the WWW evolves, so must you and your website. A professional who keeps in touch with everything new can advise you on what can be done to improve the presence of your site.

  • Backups and Security

    Are you wondering whether or not your site is free from hackers and spam? What if the data of your website is under threat? Outsource your website's maintenance and let us take care of its security.

  • Regularly updated content

    Search engines love it when you add value to your web site through quality, regularly updated content, whether it is blogs or new pages. New content can have a great impact on your search engine rankings – however if you lack time then worry not as we can help you.

  • Social Media

    Engaging in social media like Twitter and Facebook, nowadays, is a must. We understand that regular updates on Facebook and Twitter is significant to your growth and we ensure that we do it for you..

  • SEO

    SEO has undergone a drastic change in the recent years. We believe in keeping posted about this ever evolving SEO world in order to offer you the best services.

  • Analytics

    Your web site Analytics, such as Google Analytics, provides valuable insights into who visits you. Do you have the time to sift through your Google Analytics and then devise a strategy? Or would you prefer to leave it to an analytics expert to come up with some ideas?

At Influence Corporation Technologies, we offer our customers tailor made application development services addressing your ever growing business model. We help you enhance the performance and scalability of your business practices.

Are you considering introducing new applications to your business that are in tune with your products and services? If yes – then let us help you to get the best.

It is important for online businesses to keep themselves up to date with the latest apps to ensure future expansion. Apps must have enhanced features to support the current system.

We boast the knowledge and skills to develop a range of mobile apps such as communication, multimedia and business using API and SDK so that websites can be easily browsed on smartphones.